Hawks Ridge Gun Club-Ferguson, NC

1020 Gladys Fork Rd., Ferguson NC 28624

   Welcome to the official web page for Hawks Ridge 1000 Yard Gun Club located at 1020 Gladys Fork Rd., Ferguson, NC 28624

Membership dues will be increasing to $100 a year, beginning on 1-1-2020

Application Form and Equipment List 1000 Yard Nationals

   Hawks Ridge 1000 Yard Gun Club welcomes any new shooters who would like to come out and give 1000 yard shooting a try. After you have looked around the website and if you have any questions about the club, rules, match dates, etc., please feel free to email or call any member on the club contact page and they will be more than glad to help you. Thank you for your interest in Hawks Ridge 1000 Yard Gun Club. Don’t be intimidated by the 1000 yard distance we shoot or the size of the guns. Come out and join us at a match one weekend for some addictive fun!

Hawks Ridge 2022 Schedule

#1- 2/26/22    1,000 Yard HG/LG/F/T
#2- 3/26/22    1,000 Yard HG/LG/F/T
#3- 4/16/22    1,000 Yard HG/LG/F/T
#4- 5/21/22    1,000 Yard HG/LG/F/T
#5- 6/18/22    1,000 Yard HG/LG/F/T
#6- 7/16/22    1,000 Yard HG/LG/F/T
#7- 7/30/22    1,000 Yard HG/LG/F/T
#8- 9/17/22    1,000 Yard HG/LG/F/T
#9- 10/15/22    State Match 1,000 Yard HG/LG/F/T
#10- 10/16/22    State Match 1,000 Yard HG/LG/F/T
**Match Signup begins at 8:30am, Match starts at 10:00am.